The Secret of an Effective Brewery Production and Control Structure

11 Apr 2018


We were recently asked to help a small brewery with their manufacturing and control structure. Most small breweries have a good production scheduling system which means they can stay on top of resource allocation and production activity. A good brewery will also be able to use the schedule to stay ahead of ingredient and packaging purchasing without delaying the production process, which also feeds back to the production schedule when the availability of ingredients change. But the way that a production schedule fits into the company from a wider perspective is often overlooked until the company grows. Even if the brewhouse is efficiently run, feeding back to the sales an operations teams, and providing accurate analytics and insights to aid long-term business strategy can fall by the wayside. Making sure your Brewery Production and Control Structure supports parallel communication between all parts of the business is an incredibly powerful tool to make your production workflow effective. That means fresher beer, happier customers, motivated staff and sustainably growing profits!


The Production and Control Ladder

At Sitech Industries we use the following concept to dissect a Production and Control Structure before making recommendations implementing tangible change for our clients.


Every manufacturing business has to identify the following requirements within the process and manage them...


1. Business Strategy and Planning

2. Sales and Operations

3. The Production Schedule

4. Material and Resource Requirements

5. Purchasing and Production Activity



Waste Not Want Not

Making sure the production schedule is in close communication with the sales and operations responsibilities produces much more advanced and accurate insights. Staying ahead of market requirements is more crucial than in many other industries because by the time you know that more beer than expected is sitting in the cold store un-purchased, you might have another batch of the same in the fermenters already. Old beer not sold weighs heavy on cashflow, resources and most of all, your future reputation for quality. 


Find Beer for Customers, not Customers for Beer

Getting ahead of your production schedule and customer needs also means you can sell beer before it's brewed. This concept is always scary for the brewer. Poor yield, conditioning uncertainty or any number of potential delays with small-batch product can mean delay. We can help a brewery get on top of accurate forward planning with some great concepts which can be integrated quickly into an existing production scheduling system.


Good People, Good Beer, Good Business

Staying ahead of customer requirements means you can plan to have the right staff in the right place at the right time. With a good understanding of your customer base, you can actively move to spread your peak output periods over a wider timescale. That keeps cashflow flowing and staff from strain. 



Call us!

We at Sitech Industries can help you find the right software systems to fit with your staff and workflows. We have worked with systems like Trello,, TradeGecko, Xero, Unleashed, and Podio to put together transparent modular systems which really work. We can make recommendations, offer training and help you move towards an effective structure to control your production output. 

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The Secret of an Effective Brewery Production and Control Structure

April 11, 2018

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