Save Time

Help your staff work more effectively so they can concentrate on customer relationships and the quality and development of your product. Reduce data entry and processing with streamlined communication.

Grow Sustainably

Design your systems and workflows to be scalable from the outset, so your business can respond flexibly to demand as your strategy grows and develops in a fast-paced industrial landscape.

Improve Strategy

Understand and investigate your business history with detailed insights and intelligence. Make more effective business decisions quickly, based on statistical analysis, significantly reducing trial and error.  

About Us

The modern industrial landscape presents an ocean of complex solutions to business problems. Sitech Industries are here to help small businesses navigate; to identify what your business needs to grow sustainably and support the success of your products and the enthusiasm of your team.

Our flexible services can help find the right systems for you and design workflows and processes to connect with those systems. We can then help you implement them and review their success in an ever-changing landscape.

warehouse and inventory management
How We Work

We want to help small businesses reach their potential. We add value to your business with a flexible process designed to meet your needs and current budget. From consultation and advice, right through to full project management, implementation and operation/workflow design and training, regular review and ongoing support. We've got you covered.

With so many different cloud services on offer though, the ongoing costs mount up. It's really important to us to put the control in your hands. So once you're up and running, you'll feel confident looking after your systems independently. And we can look forward to helping you with your next development project or expansion. 

Choosing the right Cloud Services
Thinking of investing in some cloud services? Or just want to get more value out of your existing infrastructure? From inventory management, POS and eCommerce to accounting, CRM and project management, cloud software platforms form the infrastructure on which businesses can collaborate and communicate seamlessly both internally and externally. Choosing the right software and integrating the different facets of your business in an automated fashion can be revolutionary to your working environment and your team. We work closely with, and are knowledgable on, many popular software platforms and can flexibly work with your existing infrastructure or make recommendations for your next step...
Vend POS
Other Services
Where do we go from here?
If you're interested in our services, or want to know more about how we can help you. Don't hesitate to drop us a line using the details below. We are based in London but can travel. We're always excited to hear about your business, and see if we can work together to help you take the next big step!
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